We are fully convinced that an authentic corporate social responsibility strategy must be anchored in the DNA of a successful business enterprise. Since our company was founded, we have striven to optimize how we work in every operating division in terms of society, ethics and resource efficiency.



Long-term support initiatives and promotion of health as the basis of our social responsibility.


Resource-efficient processes and development of environmentally-compatible products.


Involvement in the community to advocate together for social causes.


Because of our background and our close relationship with specialized scientific areas, we continuously strive to help young people understand technology, and support them in their further development. Over the long-term, it is our objective to drive the structural transformation of the region in a productive and sustainable manner.



Eule Gmünder Wissenswerkstatt
Since 2012, we have supported the EU lighthouse project in cooperation with the Technische Akademie für berufliche Bildung Schwäbisch Gmünd e.V. (Technical Academy for Professional Education) in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, which supports young people beginning their professional lives.

FABEL Familienbetreuung
Nanogate has been part of the FABEL initiative since 2013, which advocates for work-life balance and counsels families to achieve this.

United Ways of Richland County
United Way is a local organization that ensures that donations are wisely invested in nationwide programs and that the needs of the community are met. It evaluates a wide variety of projects and initiatives, from youth mentoring programs to health programs to adult crisis interventions, and distributes donations accordingly. 

German Doctors
Health is the foundation of every developing society. We have therefore supported German Doctors in their cause of helping medically underserved regions in developing countries across the world. For many years we have provided operational expertise as well as a robust corporate network and projects that contribute to the financial assistance of the humanitarian organization.


Across all target industries, Nanogate attaches particular importance to the environmental friendliness of its systems, applications and processes.


The standards of tomorrow are met today through modern machinery with environmentally friendly periphery. The future of our company is therefore based on environmentally friendly cost-effectiveness

An essential part of our sustainability activities is supporting our customers in their efforts to become sustainable and, with the help of our high-tech surfaces and components, generating decisive competitive advantages. Nanogate coatings and components improve not only the durability of products but also make it possible to replace glass or metal components through light plastics.

With innovative production methods, energy-efficient production and environmentally-friendly processing standards, for example, during the metallization process, our customers also profit from an improved environmental footprint.


The area of networked projects in particular provides numerous possibilities to engage in social responsibility. Therefore, we participate in local and national initiatives and networks dedicated to furthering the dialogue between research and economy.

Verantwortungspartner Saarland e.V.
As a partner in the association, which has so far sponsored over 5,000 young people in different projects, we are committed to ensuring the sustainability of our region as a living and working space right in the heart of Europe.

Deutscher Verband Nanotechnologie
Nanogate is also a founding member of the nanotechnology trade association, which is an independent organization, a central point of contact for academic/scientific, technical, professional and sociopolitical issues.

cc-NanoBioNet e.V.
The association’s goal is to strengthen the interaction between research, economy, politics and society in the area of nano- and biotechnology, and to establish new technologies.


Responsible behavior, resource-efficiency and social involvement – back in 2016, we decided to abide by the guidelines of the Council for Sustainable Development and report according to the standards of the German Sustainability Code. The orientation towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations also opens up the opportunity to uncover hidden potentials in our sustainability management.