We are one Nanogate, one team of experts working seamlessly across our many locations around the world because we know that together we are stronger, faster, braver, and best equipped to deliver tomorrow's possibilities, today.

We are a solutions-oriented team who has an infectious curiosity, and each day asks itself, “what if”.

There are many different personalities working for us - complex, transparent or brilliant, just like the components that we develop and produce for our customers. And we want it to stay that way. We offer a world of possibilities for doers; together we can design new solutions for the world of tomorrow. 

We live and love change. We push and promote it. Maybe you do too?


I work at Nanogate because ...

... I'm proud to be there from the beginning and after 19 years, we are still the first address for the "big ones" thanks to our retained pioneer qualities.

Salah Bendjaballah, Technical Director and Member of the Executive Board, Nanogate Textile & Care Systems GmbH

I work at Nanogate because ...

... I have the opportunity to plan and implement my projects. There are no limits to my creativity, and my tasks are very diversified and multifaceted.

Stefanie Dehaut, Deputy Head of Marketing, Nanogate Management Services GmbH

I work at Nanogate because ...

... I'm given the opportunity to participate in the development of first-class products, and as an American, in Germany, I can help to mediate between international colleagues and partners.

Jason Van De Weghe, Project Manager, Nanogate SE


I work at Nanogate because ...

... in Nanogate, I have found a reliable employer where I can apply my know-how to a wide range of tasks on a daily basis.

Marcella Lombardo, Assistant Manager Production, Nanogate NeunkirchenGmbH



Nanogate employs over 1,800 people at 15 locations on both sides of the Atlantic.