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Nanogate SE has been in insolvency proceedings in self-administration since June 2020. As part of the restructuring, the core business was sold to the US-based Techniplas Group. (See ad hoc announcement of May 8, 2021) In addition, individual subsidiaries that are not part of the core business were sold separately.
Nanogate SE's operating business currently still includes the subsidiary Nanogate Electronic Systems GmbH (Austria). This company is also to be sold. In addition, Nanogate SE includes the subsidiaries Nanogate Management Services GmbH, Nanogate NRW GmbH, Nanogate PD Systems GmbH and Nanogate Neunkirchen GmbH, which are also insolvent and whose operating business was sold to Techniplas by way of an asset deal, and Nanogate Medical Systems GmbH, whose operating business was sold separately by way of an asset deal.
It is planned to wind up and dissolve Nanogate SE together with its subsidiaries (liquidation). In the course of this, the stock exchange listing of Nanogate SE is to be terminated.

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Nanogate Electronic Systems GmbH

Nanogate Electronic Systems GmbH specializes in the production of micro and high-precision components made of plastic. The competence center focuses on advanced technologies such as metal and wire insert technology, high-precision and micro injection molding, the development and production of kinematic components made of plastic, series injection molding with a high degree of automation. Through insert technology, the company produces plastic composite parts (hybrid components) in which different types of materials are overmolded with plastic in a single process.

A wide-ranging quality management system, which has a lasting impact on a variety of procedures and processes in our daily work, is a central aspect of our quality standards. Nanogate Electronic Systems GmbH is DIN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified.


You have questions?Contact us at any time at:

Nanogate Electronic Systems GmbH
Fabriksgelände 1, 7201 Neudörfl (A)

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The further core business of Nanogate SE was sold to the American Techniplas Group in June 2021. All information on the products and technologies can be found on the Techniplas Group website at www.techniplas.com.