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Nanogate SE has been in insolvency proceedings in self-administration since June 2020. As part of the restructuring, the core business was sold to the US-based Techniplas Group. (See ad hoc announcement of May 8, 2021) In addition, individual subsidiaries that are not part of the core business were sold separately.

Nanogate SE also includes the subsidiaries NGT Management Services GmbH, NGT NRW GmbH, Nanogate PD Systems GmbH and NGT Neunkirchen GmbH, which are also insolvent and whose operating businesses have been sold to Techniplas by way of an asset deal, as well as NGT Medical Systems GmbH, whose operating businesses have been sold separately by way of an asset deal.

It is planned to wind up and dissolve Nanogate SE together with its subsidiaries (liquidation). Therefore, the listing on the Basic Board of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the corresponding agreement with Deutsche Börse AG were terminated with effect from February 4, 2022. For information regarding the tradability of the shares, please contact your custodian bank.

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