Nanogate North America LLCPrecision injection molding process with advanced surface treatment

For over 100 years, our location in Mansfield, Ohio, has stood for innovative solutions, comprehensive technological know-how and courteous customer service. Over the past decades, the site has evolved from a manufacturer of gas radiators to a producer of metal products to an expert in plastic components and surface treatments. Today's Nanogate North America LLC (formerly Jay Plastics) is a precision injection molding company with advanced surface finishing capabilities that additionally specializes in functional and decorative surface finishes.

Specifically, we have extensive expertise in the following areas.

Nanogate North America LLC is part of the internationally active Techniplas Group, whose core product lines include precision components and modules for the automotive industry, advanced lighting applications, and mechatronic and decorative solutions.

By joining a strong and internationally active group of companies, our customers benefit from our full-service offering in the production of highly sophisticated and technically complex plastic components, ensuring that your projects are implemented quickly and effectively. In doing so, we stand by you as an innovation partner in all process steps and find the best solution for you.

High/Low gloss paint application

As a specialist in high gloss and premium finishes (UV, soft touch, leather paint, etc.) we offer our customers customized solutions. With the help of our extensive plant capacity, masking techniques, and state-of-the-art research and processes, we are able to implement even the most complex and extensive projects for you. For this purpose, our plants offer the following prerequisites:

  • Fully enclosed A-production plant with Hepa-filtered circulating air, including temperature and humidity control in water-flushed booths.
  • To remove potential residues on components, a fully automated high volume liquid CO2 cleaning system is used.
  • Sames-Bell rotary atomizer head for uniform paint or clear coat application.
  • Controlled flash-off and final curing in a convection oven.
  • Continuously rotating rack system for uniform paint or clear coat application.
  • Capacity for parts up to 36" in height as well as a rotation diameter of 30".
  • 1K and 2K Capacities
  • Both monolacquer and base clearcoat
  • Specializing in high gloss and premium coatings (UV, soft touch, leather varnish, etc.)
Phoenix chrome replacement

In our American plant, we developed a completely new process in the area of traditional PVD-processes. Our Phoenix chrome replacement technology is an alternative to conventional chrome plating without the use of the toxic hexavalent chromium (CR+6). The proprietary system works with both thermo-plastic and thermo-set components. The new Phoenix coating system is located in a recently completed Ohio Technology Center which also hosts an IATIF 16949 accredited testing lab. Other benefits of the innovative process include:

  • Alternative to chrome: an environmentally friendly process
  • Unlimited color/finish options
  • Design flexibility
  • Part flexibility: the coating does not crack during installation
  • Back lit capability: light can pass through allowing for backlit applications
  • Radar Transmissibility: It does not block radar signals from passing through
  • It does not need to have heat stake attachment features free of coating, able to be melted along with the substrate
  • Multiple options: aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, etc.
Application areas

High quantities, low reject rates and short throughput times: With our know-how and technological edge, we produce components for the automotive sector at the highest optical quality and equip their surfaces with additional functions. In addition, we at Nanogate North America are the leading Tier 2 supplier in the area of lighting components.


Electrification and weight reduction will be the decisive competitive factors in the automotive sector in the coming years. With innovative processes, we combine lightweight design with high-tech. From innovative controls to environmentally friendly metallized door panels and ambient lighting covers, our experts design modern vehicle interiors and follow the trends in the automotive industry.

White Goods

At home, high-quality design surfaces are also increasingly defining our living environment. Whether scratch-resistant plastic surfaces, heat-resistant composite components that not only look like real metal but also feel like it, or wafer-thin buttonless control surfaces for electronic devices. With our innovative products and technologies, we also deliver durable premium solutions for white goods.


To produce your individual solutions in series, we offer 45 injection molding presses with a clamping force between 150 and 1250 tons.We use thermoplastic as well as thermoset materials like BMC. Contact our experts to determine your personal needs and to provide you with the appropriate solutions within our company group.

Also in the field of painting we offer you first-class equipment and a modern machine park to realize your projects at the highest quality and to paint components in series. We offer 5 closed coating lines with synchronous systems for molding, de-stating, base coat and clear coat application, UV base/clear coat and UV dual cure. Therefore, we are specialized in low/high gloss surfaces and soft touch applications on 1-2k components.

In the field of PVD, we are among the technology leaders. We offer 10 fully automated robot-assisted vacuum metallization lines and are constantly researching new solutions to implement your projects in a suitable manner. Especially in the field of Chrome replacement, we developed a best-in-class process over the past 5 years which is patent-pending (US and worldwide). Our phoenix PVD process is an alternative to conventional chrome plating without the use of the toxic hexavalent chromium (CR+6). The proprietary system works with both thermo-plastic and thermo-set components. The new Phoenix coating system is located in a recently completed  Ohio Technology Center which also hosts an IATIF 16949 accredited testing lab.

In addition to our PVD and painting expertise, we offer extensive services such as laser etching, which is ideal for backlit applications (logos, PRDNL signs, etc.).

In addition to consulting and engineering services, our comprehensive portfolio also includes assembly of entire modules (before or after painting or PVD treatment), packaging and logistics.

Complementary to using our approved material suppliers, Nanogate North America has the ability to produce and test engineering resins using two compound extruders capable of making 1600 pounds per hour with a state-of-the-art pelletizing system. We are also able to do a reprocessing of scrap materials which leads to 100% recycling.

Nanogate North America also provides its own R&D Technical Center which supports all test equipment to qualify interior and exterior finishes (i.e. Humidity Chambers, Zenon Chambers, etc.) Our laboratories have the necessary accreditation for IATF 16949 and ISO 17025.

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