Protection and Aesthetics

High-quality design surfaces play an increasingly defining role in our living environment. Whether scratch-resistant plastic surfaces, stainless steel replacement solutions or wafer-thin buttonless user interface surfaces for electronic devices – together with our customers, Nanogate develops components that add value to products.



Intelligent Surfaces

The integration of electronic user functions into the surface of a product, supplemented by multifunctional features such as touch operation or Easy2Clean, opens up completely new design and operating concepts for devices of all kinds.

Stainless steel replacement

Our composite components, such as handles and knobs, not only look like brushed steel or aluminum but also feel like it thanks to heat resistance and cool-touch properties.

Multifunctional properties

Transparent Inkjet finishing, e.g. of lighting rings for induction hobs, enables easy and scratch-free cleaning of control elements

Design-oriented Surfaces

Colored and/or scratch-resistant surfaces made of plastic, glass, metal, or wood in a brilliant high-gloss look provide a classy look, e.g. for kitchen fronts.


Our Easy2Clean coating offers permanent protection and easy cleaning of ceramics in sanitary areas. Preventing the adhesion of water deposits as well as repelling oily residues.


Our innovative glass coating with its Easy2Clean function protects against glass corrosion and ensures long-lasting shower cabinets with crystal-clear panes.

Bright Prospects

Be it Easy2Clean, anti-fingerprint, or resistant protective coatings for stainless steel and aluminum products – such as lever handle plates – our surface finishes impress with their colors variations which compliment metal surface.

Color Accents

Whether for electric outlets or light switches – an almost unlimited choice of colors, numerous surfaces can be refined to create a modern interior designs.


Although not visible from the outside, our EMC protective coatings ensure safety and efficiency in motion detectors, camera covers or house alarm systems. Even when it comes to heating your home, our coatings for heat exchangers lead to energy savings and thus contribute to resource and climate protection!


It’s not just the value of plastic that can be increased with functions and properties – metal, glass, ceramic and concrete surfaces can be enhanced as well. Chemical resistance, anti corrosion, Easy2Clean, hygienic properties or the intelligent combinations of these – we add value to multiple substrates.

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