In the coming years, the automotive industry will face radical changes and see the creation of a new generation of vehicles with a new design language. The automotive sector is integral to Nanogate, and as an innovation partner, we will be a key part of creating this new design language.

Be it front panels with sensors, environmentally friendly chromed components or black high-gloss panels, our experts are helping shape the exterior and interior of tomorrow’s mobility.


Chrome optic

Side mirror housings with PVD coating and multifunctional properties such as corrosion resistance and radar transmission, guaranteed perfect appearance in matt or high gloss.

New Mobility

Radiator grilles or radar covers with a sensor or radar permeability are shaping the mobility of tomorrow.


Reflectors made of heat-resistant BMC with additional multifunctional metallization ensure excellent visibility on the roads.

Black High Gloss

A/B/C pillars or roof panels with transparent, scratch, UV, and chemical resistant coatings deliver optical perfection while ensuring long-term value maintenance.

Glass replacement

Glass replacement components made of lightweight materials offer weight and design advantages such as side windows made of polycarbonate with TPE over-molding or front windows with increased impact resistance.

Decorative panels

Flat to complex plastic components (2D and 3D) with a multifunctional, transparent finish, e.g. for door panels and other design elements.

EMC Shielding

Shielded plastic housings form barriers against high-frequency interference radiation and thereby ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of devices, such as those used in sunroof motors.

New Operating Concepts

The integration of electronic user functions into the surface of products, supplemented by multifunctional features such as touch operation or lighting, opens up completely new design and operating concepts for all kinds of devices.

Operating Elements

Plastic components made by injection molding with refinement and subsequent laser treatment in day/night design – This is just one of the many functional and decorative surface finishes that are possible for interior car design.


Added value delivered through colored components and surfaces (matt/high gloss) in combination with multifunctional properties for center consoles and other panels.

Aviation/Special-Purpose Vehicles

Our glass alternative solutions are not just used in airplanes, but also in security and special purpose vehicles, forestry vehicles and commercial vehicles of all kinds. Where heavy security glass limits innovation, our glass substitute technology opens up new possibilities for esthetics, visual clarity and safety. The first flying car, christened PAL-V in the Netherlands, benefits from this freedom.



Whether deep gloss, a fine metallized finish or long-lasting protective layers, the components and surface enhancement from Nanogate stand out through the diversity of their functionality and design.


Nanogate enhances products and increases their value with coatings that scratches are no match for – in cars, on furniture or in industry.



Deep gloss

We give products a competitive edge in terms of extremely smooth surfaces with extraordinarily deep gloss. From a high-gloss piano-black finish to brilliant colors all the way to a metallized finish. With individualized surface coatings, we put your products in the right light.



Whether plastic, metal, glass or textiles – surfaces that are easier to clean or more repellent to dirt make everyday life more comfortable. They require less time, cleaning agents and water, which can ultimately lower the impact on the environment, even in a small way.



In addition to our Easy2Clean coatings that make surfaces easier to clean, our scratch-resistant coatings protect against fingerprints on metal surfaces right from the start.


Corrosion resistance

Our surface systems for metals ensure long-term ant corrosiveness – even under extreme conditions. Therefore, heat exchangers in heating systems enhanced with Nanogate technology remain functional for longer. That helps the environment and the wallet!



EMC shielding

Our PVD metallic coatings enable electromagnetic shielding for plastic equipment housings. This ensures that valuable electronics in automotive, medical and building technology remain protected from damage caused by electromagnetic interference.


Deep gloss
Corrosion resistance
EMC shielding

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