Our highly specialized components and surface technologies are employed in many sectors and give companies a competitive edge in terms of new designs, value retention and security. Whether in medicine, electronics or leisure – we support you in all areas.



Within the sector of medical technology, Nanogate is a skilled partner for the production of high-quality plastic components and housings for the medical technology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. Furthermore, we offer a series of custom functional coating solutions for medical technology



With insert technology as well as high-precision and micro-injection moulding technology, we have expertise in the manufacture of plastic composites and miniature parts of the highest precision. The combination of metal and plastic is used in a number of electronic connections. Examples are plug connections for engine management, components of mobile phone loudspeakers or injection molded parts for lighting technology and transmission mechanics.


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Nanogate is also a specialist in the development of care and enhancement products in the textile sector.

Technical Textiles
We develop multifunctional finishing systems for technical textiles such as filters for air pollution control in production halls, tunnels or public buildings.

Care Systems
For many years we have been working together with various shoe, sports and leisure goods manufacturers in the field of care systems. The spectrum ranges from high-performance impregnation sprays for clothing and shoes, special detergents for down textiles, and functional sportswear, to textile deodorants against unpleasant odors.


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Active in many industries


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Within the sector of medical technology, Nanogate is a skilled partner for the production ...


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